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Officials Help Break Ground on Saugus Walmart

Construction on the Route 1 North Walmart will start later this summer and the store, featuring an underground garage and a grocery department, will open in just over a year, a company spokesman said Friday.

Trade union representatives, state legislators and town officials joined Walmart Public Affairs Director Christopher Buchanan in breaking ground on the 115,000 square foot store site next to McDonald’s.


Left to right: Saugus Building Inspector Fred Varone, Walmart, Walmart, Saugus Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Michael Serino, Selectman Debra Panetta, State Representatives Kathi-Anne Reinstein and Donald Wong, Saugus Planning Board Chairman Peter Rossetti, Saugus Chamber Director John Macauda, Selectman Steve Horlick, Saugus Chamber Director Kevin Tierney, Saugus Chamber Chairman Denise Selden, Walmart, Walmart, Tim Fandel, and Former Saugus DPW Director Joseph Attubato.

Saugus Store Facts

  • The proposed new Walmart store would be located on the northbound side of Route 1 in Saugus
  • The store will feature a softer color scheme, wider aisles, wood flooring, and in-store signage to assist shoppers in easily locating merchandise and will be approximately 114,000 square feet in size. The store will feature a full-service grocery selection in addition to general merchandise.
  • The closest existing Walmart store is in Lynn, MA. The closest Walmart Supercenter, which includes a full-service grocery selection, is approximately 28 miles away in Salem, NH.
  • In addition to hiring new Walmart Associates, Walmart bolsters the local economy by patronizing local vendors to maintain site landscaping, perform snow removal, and repair and maintain the building.
  • The proposed Walmart will generate a significant increase in tax revenue for Saugus.
  • The new Walmart store in Saugus will provide the neighborhood convenience of a full grocery store with a deli, bakery, meat department, fresh produce, dry and frozen goods, pharmaceuticals – as well as a full general merchandise selection.
Renderings of the Saugus Store
Renderings of the Saugus Store
Rendering of the proposed Saugus store
Rendering of the proposed Saugus store

Rendering of the proposed Saugus store

Sustainability Highlights

The new Walmart store in Saugus will include some of the following industry leading sustainable measures

  • “White” membrane roof that helps to reduce building energy consumption contributes less to the urban heat island effect than a darker roofing color.”
  • State-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS) to monitor and control the HVAC and lighting systems from a central location. The EMS enables Walmart to constantly monitor and control energy usage, analyze refrigeration temperatures, observe HVAC and lighting performance, and adjusts system levels 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for optimal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Daylight harvesting system consisting of multiple skylights, electronic dimming ballasts and computer controlled daylight sensors. Skylight usage integrated with dimmable T-8 fluorescent lighting on the sales floor takes full advantage of natural daylight when available, thus reducing energy demand by 15-20% as compared to traditional lighting systems.
  • Exterior building signage and most freezer cases that are illuminated with LED lighting technology which can provide over 70% more energy-efficient operation as compared to fluorescent lighting. LED lights are a mercury free lighting solution with a lifespan up to 20 years, outperforming an average 2 year lifespan for fluorescent lights.
  • State-of-the-art water saving fixtures:
    • Sensor-activated, low flow faucets, to regulate flow and reduce water usage by up to 84%
    • Automatic flush valves on toilets that employ water turbines to generate the electricity to activate the flush mechanism
    • High efficiency urinals that yield 87% water savings per flush versus conventional urinals.
  • High Efficiency Baler which assists in the recycling of 32 different materials, including aluminum cans, plastic bags, plastic bottles, office paper and paperback books.